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Bhagawati Gems carries it's line of gem stone and beaded jewelry in your boutique or store. Our wholesale gemstone jewelry collection covers wholesale beaded jewelry, wholesale semi precious jewelry, gemstone earrings, rings, bracelets, pendents, necklaes.

Gemstone jewelry at Bhagawati gems is created from the most popular genuine semi-precious stones. Our wholesale gemstone jewelry is supplied to jewelery resallers and jewelry manufacturers all over the world. Our wholesale jewelry catalogue clearly states the wholesale prices. We have large stocks of processed precious and semi-precious stones and gemstones jewelry of all varieties, and beautifully crafted beaded jewelry of different designs to suit the requirements of all buyers. You just let us know your requirements and we will endeavor to meet all your needs at the most competitive wholesale prices.

Luxury jewelry - Give the gift of luxury with our most sought after luxury jewelry items, including diamonds, gemstones, platinum, gold jewelry, and more. Our luxury jewelry gifts include magnificent diamond-studded necklaces, gemstone rings, birthstone rings, bracelets and other dazzling luxury jewelry. You will get here the most hot collection of luxury jewelry from men's gold rings and watches, to women's diamond studs and champagne diamond rings. You can get our luxury jewelry also in affordable wholesale prices. If you are looking for a perfect gift for someone just give our luxury jewelry a try.

As the color gemstones and beaded jewelry is the "in thing" right now. Our gemstone and beaded jewelry has a classic look that adds something extra to your unique style. These jewelry pieces made from semi precious stones are not only beautiful but also affordable. The best thing about these semi precious stones jewelry is that they come in a variety of bold colors and they look stunning no matter what the occasion is. These stones are high in quality because they hide scratch marks well and their luster is long lasting. Unlike silver jewelry made from these semi precious gemstones looks new year after year.

If you want some stunning semi precious gemstone beaded jewelry and any other luxury jewelry within your budget than your are at the right place. Bhagwati gems is at your service for getting you the jewelry of your choice.